Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have an obsession, I cut my own hair everyday.  In the past year and a half I have died my hair so many times I have lost count and I then think it is a good idea to take 300 degrees to my head to change its texture and straighten it.  All in all I don't know how I still have hair in my head.  A very tedious trick I have found is that I sit down and I look for each strand of hair and brittle and split ends and cut them off.  I works really well to keep my ends soft for the most part and when you go for your next trim your stylist doesn't want to take 6 inches off your hair because you have stopped the split ends from working their way up your hair.  

With that being said product also plays a big part in keeping your hair soft.  I have two shampoo and conditioner combos that I love equally.

Herbal Essences makes this shampoo and conditioner called Hello Hydration and it is AMAZING.  It leaves your hair lovely and soft.  What's the best thing about it?  It smells like coconut!  Something I sometimes do is buy the shampoo and conditioner in 1 and then also use the conditioner.
This product by Aveeno claims to actually repair your hair when you use it at least 3 times, I don't know if I buy it but it makes your hair super soft.

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