Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Hot

Me and my boyfriend had a heated discussion today about which color of flame is the hottest; blue or white and it turned out to be white.  With summer here white looks great on tan skin and this brings me to my new obsession with rompers.
 At $34 this romper is the cheapest out of all my picks.  It is extremely light, girly and dainty.  This particular romper would look best dressed down.   It also has a sexy feel and I believe can we wore as a nighty.
You can do a lot of this American Apparel romper.  You can throw a belt on with it you can go with it at day or at night.  A great bandeau top is fantastic when you want to cover up a little more (bandeau).  $38
  Free People makes a lot of hippy dippy clothing that is a little too over priced for my taste but you do come across some very nice pieces someone times.  This is one of the nice pieces this romper is $98 so I suppose it could be more.
This romper is by FAR my favorite.  It's by Chloe and I love love love Chloe, I die for Chloe.  They just can't do wrong in my book.  This romper is no exception it's perfect.  Well maybe not perfect, it costs $255 ON SALE!  Get a load of that.

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