Saturday, June 12, 2010


Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful women on this planet.  When I was informed that she was doing a campaign for Mango I pooped my pants and ran to my computer, I had to see such glorious things.  I loved everything she had on and wanted it baaaad.  Here are my favorite 3 looks.
 Let me start by saying how picky I am with anything made of jean fabric.  I don't do jean skirts or anything above the waster.  So that leaves me only jean shorts and actual jeans, but when I saw this vest it changed my life.  Instead of my usual scoffing I was impressed by this dainty well made vest that only costs $49.90.  Under this lovey vest is a light flowy $44.90 dress.
I've got a thing for cardigans I think it's because I have a thing about my arms but they can add so much to an outfit and make it so pretty.  This cardigan will run you $69.90 and looks great with this dress but can also be wore with anything from jeans to another dress. The dress is $39.90 and can we dressed up and down. 
This dress is by far my FAVORITE.  It has such a lovely feminine shape and the texture is beautiful.  I end someone scalloped bottom and sleeves only add to this ultimately girly piece.  The one thing I will say is this dress will cost you a pretty penny, costing a whopping $199.90 but hey it would be worse.

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