Monday, October 4, 2010

Disco Duo

 Calgel is becoming super popular.  It is a nail gel that last for 2 weeks without chipping and allows fun designs and covering your entire nail with glitter.  I don't know about anyone else but I think I would get tired of glitter on my nail for 2 weeks but would like to get this adorable look that's really hot right now.  Forever 21 sells a set called Disco Duo and only cost $1.50 where calgel on the other hand costs around $40. These two nail polishes work together and make it seem like your entire nail is covered in glitter

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Irish Fishermen

One thing you can count on this fall season and even into the winter is over sized sweaters.  One of my favorite variation of the over size sweater is the Irish fishermen sweater, I have been wearing them for years and they made their way onto the runway in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 ready to wear show and let me tell you I am so ready.  Now the Marc Jacobs sweater cost $1,400 at SAKs but can can find them in endless amounts of websites like L.L. Bean and will typically cost $129, which is much better to work with.  Buying a mens sweater will be best to roll with the over sized look.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Benefit Your Lips

Sometimes lipstick can be a little over powering and just too much, but we all wanna put a little umf into yourselves.  A great way to achieve a low key red lip is with a stain.  My favorite stain is made by Benefit and comes paired with a gloss.  It's called a pocket pal and will fit in anything from a clutch to a tote so its perfect for everyday wear. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steel Grey

For those who follow my blog you already know that I am trying to break my red nail polish habit.  I'm all about red nail polish all the time, but I want to start changing it up.  Another thing my followers know is that I die for Gaga and when I saw the cover of Vanity Fair I wanted to be here.  Well I can't be her but I can have her amazing nails!  Gaga isn't the only one sporting gray nails it's a huge trend this fall. Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey is a great gray and it is also said to last 10 whole days without chipping.  I'm on my one first day and skeptical, time will tell.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Leather skirts are really having a moment right now and I love it.  You can do a full on edgy look or pair it with  something girlie.

L'Agence Leather mini skirt
$510 -
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Pleather Skirt
$24 -
Forever21 skirts »

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greetings from Montenegro!

I haven't written a post in quite some time so I will take a a break from my glorious vacation to share one of my favorite tricks.  This is something I have taken full advantage of while in Montenegro having been in the sun a lot.  I hate sunburns and the only part of my body that actually burns is my face; its awful.  There is one trick however that does not make me cringe at that thought of it and that is how amazing my bronzer looks over the sunburn.  Its something about the contrast of the red and the brown that just do magical things.  The bronzer I use the most and love is Tarte in Park Ave Princess its not too shimmery like most bronzers and you'll never be orange. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Scallop Please!

I love the soft feminine feel of a scallop trim.  Summer is also the best time for such a lovely detail because it embodies the , like I mentioned before, the soft feel that only a summer night's breeze can create. 

This first piece is a GORG clutch that is wonderfully done in my favorite color, mint.  This clutch is not only fabulous but it is also on sale for 20 Euro from French Connection.

My heart stops and this is loooove.  This is the most amazing swimsuit I've seen thus far and my loves at Chloe have made it.  The only down fall is Chloes only down fall the price, $205.

These shorts also done by my favorite Chloe are perfect.  They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for any summers day or night.  They have a price tag of a whooping $206.50.

These shoes are darling!  They are made by Charlotter Olympia and cost 635 Euros.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have an obsession, I cut my own hair everyday.  In the past year and a half I have died my hair so many times I have lost count and I then think it is a good idea to take 300 degrees to my head to change its texture and straighten it.  All in all I don't know how I still have hair in my head.  A very tedious trick I have found is that I sit down and I look for each strand of hair and brittle and split ends and cut them off.  I works really well to keep my ends soft for the most part and when you go for your next trim your stylist doesn't want to take 6 inches off your hair because you have stopped the split ends from working their way up your hair.  

With that being said product also plays a big part in keeping your hair soft.  I have two shampoo and conditioner combos that I love equally.

Herbal Essences makes this shampoo and conditioner called Hello Hydration and it is AMAZING.  It leaves your hair lovely and soft.  What's the best thing about it?  It smells like coconut!  Something I sometimes do is buy the shampoo and conditioner in 1 and then also use the conditioner.
This product by Aveeno claims to actually repair your hair when you use it at least 3 times, I don't know if I buy it but it makes your hair super soft.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This or That

I really love Sephora but no one can walk in there without spending at least 50 dollars and lets face it; for makeup that's crazy money.  One of my favorite brands they sell there is NARS, it is fantastic quality and has such a wide range of products that are great for anyone of any age.   Despite how much I love them some times I just can't bring myself to shell out the extra cash.  To save you and myself money I have found the exact products for soooo much less.
Above is a beautiful nature eye shadow in Nepals and will run you 23 bucks.  That's a lot of an eyeshadow but it's a beautiful color.  Now I like a lot of us have a zillion eye shadows in the same color so I have found the same thing for a fraction of the price.  Below is Revlon's Satin eye shadow in Nude Slip and can be bought at any drug store. 

Now my find find has to be the best steal ever.  NARS has a high lighting bronzer that has a blush in it (above).  I looooove it.  It cost 36 dollars, that's a lot for a bronzer.  Now while I was in the most amazing place in the world; Target, I found this EXACT compact for check this out 3 DOLLARS!  It is made by ELF and it is wonderful.  They look more alike in person than in the photos.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cover Ups

It's always nice to just throw on a bathing suit cover up and go to the beach so I went on a quest for the perfect one.  I first had several different stores taking from here and there but when I came across Top Shop I was done looking.  They have such a wide range of styles that will suite anyone of any age.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I love everything in Target, if I could live in Target I would.  Me living no where near a Target is a good thing because I would be in debt despite their impeccably low prices.  Every time I go to Long Island I run into Target and have at it.  On one of my more resent conquests I found the shoes I am now madly in love with, I never want to stop wearing them and oddly enough the almost can be wore with any summer outfit I own.  I even was complimented on them on the train the other day and shocked the Upper East Sider by telling her the cost of these beauties.  15 buckaroos!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Hot

Me and my boyfriend had a heated discussion today about which color of flame is the hottest; blue or white and it turned out to be white.  With summer here white looks great on tan skin and this brings me to my new obsession with rompers.
 At $34 this romper is the cheapest out of all my picks.  It is extremely light, girly and dainty.  This particular romper would look best dressed down.   It also has a sexy feel and I believe can we wore as a nighty.
You can do a lot of this American Apparel romper.  You can throw a belt on with it you can go with it at day or at night.  A great bandeau top is fantastic when you want to cover up a little more (bandeau).  $38
  Free People makes a lot of hippy dippy clothing that is a little too over priced for my taste but you do come across some very nice pieces someone times.  This is one of the nice pieces this romper is $98 so I suppose it could be more.
This romper is by FAR my favorite.  It's by Chloe and I love love love Chloe, I die for Chloe.  They just can't do wrong in my book.  This romper is no exception it's perfect.  Well maybe not perfect, it costs $255 ON SALE!  Get a load of that.


 You can't do wrong with the perfect little black dress and I have found mine.  For my 18th birthday I found the American Apparel dress above and fell in love with the mess top.  My favorite thing in a dress is when it has a sweetheart neckline and this dress had this but I didn't have to worry about pulling it up while dancing all night.  This dress is shiny,skin tight, and pink I highly doubt there will anywhere but my 18th birthday to wear so when they started making it in black I was overjoyed.  I will say American Apparel is hard for every body type and person so wear so I found this look in different fabrics and different ranges of prices. The mesh top adds a nice touch to the little black dress which can sometimes be on the boring side.

The dress above is the cheapest and on sale at Forever 21 for $14.24!
Above is the super tight American Apparel one which can be a little unflattering because of the fabric but it is also the more fun out of the 3 because it has a shiny fabric.  This dress will run you $46.
This Alexander Wang number has a more intricate of all of the mesh top dresses I've seen. This one also has a steep price tag at $565.  So is it worth it? no.  Is it pretty? Yes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Multiple Purposes

I love getting a bang for my buck so whenever I can find several uses for things I'm happy.  I love American Apparel body suits and not only can they be worn as a shirt with shorts, a skirt, or a pair of pants but they can be worn as a swimsuit.  

The body suit above can be found at This is very interchangeable and can be worn with almost any bottom.  Below I paired it with a high waisted skirt.

This strapless body suit like the halter can be wore with ANYTHING.  I really enjoy wearing thing as a swimsuit.  It has a cheeky bottom and a little bit of your tush peeks out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful women on this planet.  When I was informed that she was doing a campaign for Mango I pooped my pants and ran to my computer, I had to see such glorious things.  I loved everything she had on and wanted it baaaad.  Here are my favorite 3 looks.
 Let me start by saying how picky I am with anything made of jean fabric.  I don't do jean skirts or anything above the waster.  So that leaves me only jean shorts and actual jeans, but when I saw this vest it changed my life.  Instead of my usual scoffing I was impressed by this dainty well made vest that only costs $49.90.  Under this lovey vest is a light flowy $44.90 dress.
I've got a thing for cardigans I think it's because I have a thing about my arms but they can add so much to an outfit and make it so pretty.  This cardigan will run you $69.90 and looks great with this dress but can also be wore with anything from jeans to another dress. The dress is $39.90 and can we dressed up and down. 
This dress is by far my FAVORITE.  It has such a lovely feminine shape and the texture is beautiful.  I end someone scalloped bottom and sleeves only add to this ultimately girly piece.  The one thing I will say is this dress will cost you a pretty penny, costing a whopping $199.90 but hey it would be worse.

You can find all of there looks and more at

Friday, June 11, 2010


Remember before we had that awful delete button and we didn't have 4 girls saying "Let me see!!!" immediately after taking a picture.  It used to be so much fun walking up to CVS waiting an hour and laughing at all the fun pictures I have taken with my friends using my disposable camera.  One of the most amazing days of my life was when I came across the under water disposable camera. Who doesn't want to take pictures of themselves underwater?  I know I sure do.  I found this really cool cheaaaap one on Amazon.  I know I'll be buying another one.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Biker Chick

Nothing is hotter than a women on a motorcycle, I may be bias though since I have been riding since the age of 4 but it is what it is.  As I watched The Hills last night and become over joyed by Justin Bobby and Audrina's reunion I couldn't help but be inspired by Audrina's super cute biker boots and cute shorts.  So here is my take on how to dress biker chic even without the bike.

Pious Tee
35 GBP -
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Keep Me Nikki tank
$55 -
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Knee stud boot
1.999 DKK -
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