Friday, March 19, 2010

 I have had quite a large issue in my life for almost a year now, my hair won't stop turning orange!  I have red undertones in my hair and have just dyed it some many times that its so damaged it just will not hold any color and me dying it dark dark brown every time a little red sneaks through is not helping.  It's awful. I've always THOUGHT about dying my hair red.  I always envied women that looked perfect with red hair and thought that it would just be outlandish on me.

So recently I have been thinking about putting an end to the battle between me and my hair and just letting it win and dying my hair red.  I'm going to admit I am a huge loser and love giving myself virtual hair makeovers and out of all the websites I've used I have found to be the best.  You just upload a picture of your self and you choose from the celebritys and put their hair on yourself.  I tried out the red hair but I wasn't so crazy about it and even more so than me not being to crazy my boyfriend HATED it.  So I will have to sit this battle and hopefully soon win the war.

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